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A visit to Kirkby Lonsdale, Wednesday 24th July 2008 to collect two priceless Thompson paintings purchased by a wealthy Arabian Resident of Surrey UK

I asked this lady to hold up the pictures as proof of collection,. The lady asked why I was doing this and I told her it was a requirement insisted upon by the wealthy Arabian purchaser, to which she replied with an understanding, huh!

Further proof of collection should it be required by wealthy Arab!
The lady in the shop, who refused to give her name, took this excellent picture and asked for web site address thinking that I was some international picture agent. I put her right by saying I was in to antiques specialising mainly in my body! I think she was glad to see the back of me! Though I have a suspicion that she will be looking at these photographs!

All that is required now is to transport these valuable paintings to Derbyshire where they will be collected by the new owner!

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